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Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve Framework Plan

The Framework Plan responds to a need identified in the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve's Strategic Management Framework compiled during 2006/2007, namely to develop "a spatial conservation and growth plan" for the biosphere.
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Kogelberg Coast Integrated Management Plan

JANUARY 2010 – The Kogelberg coast has a high diversity of habitats including rocky headlands, wave cut platforms, sandy beaches, pocket beaches, kelp forests, estuaries, and sub-tidal reefs (Clark et al2004).
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Developing Sustainability Indicators for the Kogelberg and Cape West Coast Biosphere Reserves, South Africa

BY COLIN MICHAEL TUCKER – Declines in natural capital, such as the degradation of ecosystems and loss of species, are the result of threats created by anthropogenic activities. The concept of sustainable development encompasses the economic and social growth of societies, with limited impacts on the natural environment. Sustainable development initiatives are being implemented in an attempt to mitigate the global decline in natural capital. Biosphere reserves, which are designated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation's (UNESCO) Man and the Biosphere Programme, aim to be landscape-scale examples of sustainable development. UNESCO requires biosphere reserves to submit a periodic review every ten years to ensure they are meeting their goals. This requires that that they monitor and evaluate their progress towards their sustainable development goals. Sustainability indicators are tools used to assess progress towards ecological, social and economic goals, and can thus be useful tools for biosphere reserves to ensure they are achieving their goals.
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Ecology, Value and Management of the Kogelberg Coast

BY JK TURPIE, BM CLARK, K HUTCHINGS, KK ORR & J DE WET – This report, on the ecology, value and management of the Kogelberg coast, is one of the first steps in the development of an Integrated Management Plan for the coast and is designed to provide detailed background information that can inform improved future management of the area and serve as a resource for the education, awareness and capacity building programmes.
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